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Stuart Products has injectable and oral fat-soluble vitamins for specific applications. All products have been university and field tested. Bioavailability of fat-soluble vitamins is critically important for both injectable and oral formulations. Our products have superior bioavailability compared to competitive products. Our injectable and oral products were the first to utilize “d-alpha tocopherol”- the non-ester form of vitamin E for enhanced bioavailability. Furthermore, the form of vitamin A in our products is “retinyl palmitate”, the biologically active form of vitamin A. Competitive products contain “retinyl propionate”, which when injected is not bioavailable.


Recommended Injectable and Oral Products for Swine

Injectable Product for Newborn Pigs

VITAL E®-Newborn

All mammals are born fat-soluble vitamin deficient and depend on colostrum and milk to provide these critically important vitamins. Newborns may be colostrum deprived and not get adequate levels of fat-soluble vitamins. A single injection of VITAL E-Newborn at processing provides biologically-active forms of vitamins E and A for the newborn. Vitamin D is provided as cholecalciferol that is rapidly converted to 25-OH-D3.

Oral Products for Weaned Pigs

The EMCELLE® products are formulated to be added to drinking water. These products are unique in two ways. Firstly, the form of vitamin E is the same form found in sows’ milk. Secondly, the fat-soluble vitamins are made water soluble by a process called “micellization” which enhances absorption. Feed-grade vitamin E-acetate is very poorly utilized by the newly-weaned pig due to lack of enzyme necessary to remove the acetate ester (de-esterification) prior to absorption. With EMCELLE those two critically important steps are not required prior to absorption. Classical signs of vitamin E deficiency in newly-weaned pigs are “Mulberry Heart Disease” and impaired immunocompetency. 

University experiments and field demonstrations have demonstrated the efficacy of EMCELLE products.


When lactating sows are fed adequate fat-soluble vitamins during lactating, pigs at weaning typically are adequate in vitamins E and A, but may be low in vitamin D status due to low D levels in milk. An interesting observation is that after weaning vitamin E status diminishes very quickly. The only ways to enhance vitamin status after weaning is to either inject or administer vitamins in the drinking water. EMCELLE E-D3 administered in drinking water (378 I.U. vitamin E and 22,700 I.U. vitamin D per gallon, respectively) keeps vitamin E and D status from dropping to critically low levels.


Has the same form and level of vitamin E as EMCELLE® E-D3, but without the vitamin D.


Has micellized vitamin DIt is recommended when nursery pigs are showing vitamin D deficiencies.


Oral Product for Grow/Finish


Has micellized vitamin DIt is recommended when finishing swine are showing vitamin D deficiencies.


Injectable Product for Gilts and Sows

VITAL E®-Repro

This injectable product is recommended to be administered one-week pre-farrowing and again at weaning. The combination of vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin D has been shown to reduce farrowing time, and reduce stillborn pigs due to reduced delivery time. Another possible role for VITAL E-Repro is a reduction in prolapses. Prolapsed sows have lower vitamin E status compared to sows that did not prolapse. Field observations have supported the reduction in prolapse when VITAL E-Repro is injected one week pre-farrowing.

The injection at weaning has been shown to improve embryo quality.


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