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Stuart Products has injectable and oral fat-soluble vitamins for specific applications. All products have been university and field tested. Bioavailability of fat-soluble vitamins is critically important for both injectable and oral formulations. Our products have superior bioavailability compared to competitive products. Our injectable and oral products were the first to utilize “d-alpha tocopherol”- the non-ester form of vitamin E for enhanced bioavailability. Furthermore, the form of vitamin A in our products is “retinyl palmitate”, the biologically active form of vitamin A. Competitive products contain “retinyl propionate”, which when injected is not bioavailable.



Recommended Injectable and Oral Products for Dairy Cattle


Injectable Product for Newborn and Nursing Calves

VITAL E®-Newborn

Calves are born fat-soluble vitamin deficient and depend on colostrum to provide fat-soluble vitamins, as long as the dam has consumed adequate fat-soluble vitamins before calving.  Calves born to cows in early spring are more prone to be deficient due to lack of vitamin intake by gestating cows. Signs of deficiency include weak calves, diarrhea, unable to nurse, and muscle degeneration. 


Oral Products for Milk-fed Calves

The EMCELLE products are formulated to be added to milk or milk replacer. These products are unique in two ways.  Firstly, the form of vitamin E is the same form found in cows’ milk.  Secondly, the fat-soluble vitamins are made water soluble by a process called “micellization” which enhances absorption.  Feed-grade vitamin E-acetate found in milk replacer is very poorly utilized by the milk-fed calf due to lack of enzyme necessary to remove the acetate ester (de-esterification) prior to absorption.  With EMCELLE those two critically important steps are not required prior to absorption.  Classical signs of vitamin E deficiency in milk-fed calves are  muscle weakness after birth resulting in lack of vigor and impaired immunocompetency. 

University experiments and field demonstrations have demonstrated the efficacy of EMCELLE products in calves. 


Recommended for use in calves fed milk replacer.  The form of vitamin E in this product is the same as the form found in colostrum and milk.


Recommended for use in calves fed pasteurized whole milk.  The product contains vitamins E, A and D.  The pasteurization process destroys approximately 50% of the naturally-occurring vitamin E.


Injectable Products for Cows and Bred Heifers

VITAL E®-Repro

Gestating cows and heifers can benefit from an injection of fat-soluble vitamins prior to calving. This product contains 200,000 I.U. vitamin A per mL as retinyl-palmitate, the biologically storage form of vitamin A. The form of vitamin E is the same form found in lush, green grass.

VITAL E®-500

This product contains only vitamin E.  The form and level of vitamin E is different to that found in MU-SE.  In MU-SE, the form of vitamin E is d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate and the level is only 68 I.U. per mL. VITAL E-500 contains 500 I.U. vitamin E per mL in its biologically active form at a much higher level per mL. 


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